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Umbrella Bar Food & Drink Specials Franklin, WI
Umbrella Bar Food & Drink Specials

Umbrella Bar Food & Drink Specials

Milwaukee's Best Bloody Mary Specials!

Anyone can pour store-bought Bloody Mary mix from a bottle, but not everyone can concoct an amazing tomato-based vodka drink from scratch that doesn’t taste like ketchup mixed with Gordon’s. We love our Bloody Marys in MKE, and there are as many house Bloody mix recipes as there are bars and restaurants that serve them. The Umbrella bar is PROUD to offer Milwaukee's No.1 Bloody Mary the Crash Davis Bloody Mary!

The Crash Davis Bloody Mary: Hangover cure, nutritious Sunday breakfast, and the best Bloody Mary in Milwaukee. When you order a Crash Davis Bloody Mary, you get a drink and a meal. We mix savory tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, A1, tabasco, and a pinch of pepper and celery salt for a kick at the end. Then we garnish with a pickle, string cheese, a nice hefty beef stick, lemon and lime.


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