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Cool off with a cup of our refreshing Red Sangria! The flavor combination is absolutely amazing. You'll be thinking about our tasty sangria for years to come. What exactly goes into the smooth, fruity taste - what made that Red Sangria Wine so delicious? We'll tell you: Umbrella Bar sangria is a velvety mix of Red Wine, Brandy, Orange Juice, and Sugar. We finish our sangria with just a kiss of cinnamon. We let the flavors mix, and we pour the sangria over ice to chill it perfectly for summer weather. Wine and Orange Juice give our Red Sangria Wine a fruity spin, and brandy rounds everything out with a subtle kick at the finish. We garnish it with a tart slice of lemon and a lime. Simply put, our Red Sangria Wine recipe has been honed to perfection, and everything comes together to give you the best Red Sangria Wine you've ever tasted.

Franklin, Wisconsin Outdoor Patio Bar with Umbrellas
Summer Patio Entertainment: Enjoy GREAT views, cocktails, and people at The Rock's Umbrella Bar