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The Old Fashioned is a noble drink. Whiskey or Brandy mixes with sugar, a dash of bitters, cherries, and an orange slice for the best Old Fashioned Milwaukee has ever had the privilege to sip. You can sit down and strike up a relationship with an Old Fashioned, and you probably should - the Brandy or Whiskey gives your cocktail a deep-seated kick, and sugar rounds out the flavor palate of this delicious drink. Aromatic bitters bring everything together, and the fruit garnish doesn't try to get too fancy. The best Old Fashioned in Milwaukee stands on its own. This cocktail is perfect for any season, and time-honored flavors paired with gorgeous presentation makes our Old Fashioned rank well with casual bar-goers and the most dedicated drinkers. The best Old Fashioned Milwaukee has ever tasted is a classic and everyone knows it - so sip yours from the beautiful Umbrella Bar terrace as you cheer for your team!

Franklin, Wisconsin Outdoor Patio Bar with Umbrellas
Summer Patio Entertainment: Enjoy GREAT views, cocktails, and people at The Rock's Umbrella Bar